Full Moon Update - June 14, 2022

Full Moon Update - June 14, 2022


The Present will be assembled here:

The picture above was taken before I began to move into the space and the photo below was from yesterday after getting some of the assembly tables, boxes and backplates up. 

Clearly it's a mess, so please consider this as one of those "unpolished glimpses" into the process. I don't have wifi there yet (starts tomorrow) so I took the photo below and decided to send this short and suite update out from a café nearby.


The printers now have everything they need including physical prints with my signature for quality control, credit approval for The Present LLC, confirmation from Rochester regarding clean die-cuts and finally, the first down payment for this massive, museum grade quality print contract with Duggal. Sharing the joyous emails from a few hours ago with you now.


As the design instigator for The Present, I'm biased when I say living with one or more of these artifacts is practice of giving yourself a gift. The gift is knowing more about time and I believe helping anyone know more about the nature of time is something that matters.


Right now, together, we are making something that matters and when you make something that matters, what matters most, is making it well. Thank you for being of part of making something that matters and making it well. 

In time,

Scott Thrift


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Mar 09, 2023 • Posted by Harold Akins

Awesomeness,I say as I wait for my Present.

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