Welcome to a more meaningful moment.

The Present is a new way to experience time.


Understanding The Present

The Problem with Now

Between headlines, updates, and the distractions of modern life, being present can seem impossible.

The second we try to "live in the moment," that second is gone.

How can we live in the moment if the moment changes every second?

A Longer Now

The single hand of The Present completes one meditative revolution a year, inviting you to experience the present moment against the backdrop of seasons, not seconds.

Experiencing the moment through the gentle lens of nature changes the story you tell yourself about time.

The result is a grounding, life-affirming anchor in time that orients you with a more emotionally meaningful moment.

Life Time

A welcome companion to the relentless pace of modern life, The Present is a beautifully crafted piece of functional art, offering a novel way to see, understand, and appreciate the nature of time.


The benefit is connecting to a more meaningful orientation with time.

Inara K. — Miami Beach, FL

The Present gives me a sense of place in the universe.

Barbara K. — Brooklyn, NY

I would be lost without The Present as a constant in my life.

Giles P. — London, U.K.

The Present gives me the sense that every now and then I feel like I have enough time in my life. 

Simon B. — Monterey, CA

I know it's a dramatic thing to say but The Present changed my life.

Yvonne B. — NYC, NY


Who is it for?

A grounding anchor for intentional living, The Present helps open-minded, curious people experience the here and now in a more meaningful, life-affirming way.

The Present is ideal for someone on a journey to be more present in life, those who appreciate museum-quality craftsmanship, and the type that would enjoy a thought-provoking, conversation-starting, functional art piece for their home or office.

What does it do?

The Present reframes how you perceive the passage of time by offering an additional, more holistic method of measuring it.

Intentionally designed to inspire reflection on the quality of the moment, The Present transforms any space into a place worth your time.

How does it feel?

Seeing the present moment from a new, more holistic perspective encourages gratitude for the opportunities and changes in life.  

"It has truly made me think about and appreciate time in a whole new way. We treasure The Present." - Owner in Seattle for eight years

As our timepieces find their place in a home, so does a feeling of perspective and presence.

Read through over 150 testimonials to learn more.

Why does it matter?

The Present matters because our modern, hurried lives leave little room for reflection, and our devices distance us from from appreciating the stillness of the moment.

This timepiece was created to help gently recalibrate the here and now with the rhythm of the natural world.

Placed thoughtfully, The Present reminds us of time's continuity, blending aesthetic and philosophical depth to offer a whole new way to experience time's passage.

A 25-Year Warranty?

The Present is built to last a long, long time.

How long?

We won't know until we get there together but we expect this edition to operate far beyond 2050.

You will change the batteries once every 20-25 years.

However, if you live with The Present for one year and want to go back to seeing time in only one dimension please pack it up carefully and send it back to our shop in Burlington, Vermont for a full refund.

If you decide to keep The Present and anything ever seems amiss please know we can replace parts or exchange timepieces as needed, until 2050, when the warranty expires.

How and where is it made?

The Present springs to life through purposeful design, exceptional craftsmanship, and exquisite decade-long attention to detail. 

Every element of The Present is custom-made to stir the imagination and sync your days with nature's tempo.

We create singular objects that awaken meaning and resonate with the rhythms of life.

Our small studio in Vermont, hums with creative energy as we carefully assemble each bespoke component into timeless kinetic works of art.

How many do you make?

Since 2012, we’ve made and shipped over 7,700 timepieces to owners across 42 countries worldwide.

Each season, we create and sell a few hundred timepieces, averaging around one thousand a year.

Who makes The Present and why?

The Present is crafted by Scott Thrift, an artist dedicated to designing a more meaningful relationship with time.

Inspired by a desire to be more present, Thrift created this kinetic sculpture to align his outlook on life with the pace of the natural world and called it The Present.

He made it to give time a more meaningful context beyond seconds, minutes, and hours; not as a way to discard modern time but to offer it balance with a more holistic, meaningful point of view.

A MoMA Design Store Bestseller?


The Present was a bestseller from 2014-2018 at the MoMA Design Store.

Why is it no longer sold there?

We kept selling out and ran into supply chain issues which have now been remedied.

For the time being we have decided to focus on direct sales.

How do I contact you?