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It’s About Time

The Present offers a broader perspective on the here and now, transforming your ability to see and appreciate the nature of time.

This artisan timepiece reveals the hidden, meditative pace of the year.

Experience time in harmony with nature’s rhythm and form a new, more meaningful relationship with the moment.

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The Present

One revolution every 365.24 days

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One year at a time.

Many Names. One Global Experience.

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The Speed of Life

The single, silent sweeping hand lines up with each solstice (vertically) and equinox (horizontally).

Why should I care?

"The Ultimate Perspective Provider"

The Present isn't just a clock; it's a philosophical tool designed to help you view your days within the larger context of life. This tool reshapes your understanding of time, offering a more comprehensive perspective than a traditional clock ever could.

Owner Impact

Since 2012, people all over the world have shared how The Present brings them a sense of peace and connection they didn’t know they were missing.

" love owning it."

"The Present is far more sublime than it appears. It represents the concept of time in a singular and elegant manner that can allow you to see the natural world beyond what your eyes see at the surface. Love love love owning it."

In a world where the present is a hairline fracture between the past and the future, this work of art offers a new way to experience the moment.

The Present helps you see time through the gentle lens of nature rather than solely through the relentless pace of industry.

The result is a life-affirming, perspective-shifting point of view on the nature of time.

The Experience

"The most interesting clock in the world."

With thousands of these timepieces in homes and offices across forty-two countries, we invite you to learn more about The Present through the words of its owners

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"How can we live in the moment if it changes every second?

The Present is an attempt to answer that question.

I started making these timepieces in 2011 because seeing the moment within the broader cycles of life makes being present more accessible. I'm grateful to have found something so many people enjoy. The Present helps you discover a more meaningful way to experience time.

~ Scott Thrift

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