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Full Moon Update - July 13, 2022

Full Moon Update - July 13, 2022

2012  - 2018

  • The Present LLC is formed in Brooklyn, NY
  • Multiple iterations commence in search of an elegantly designed tool/compass.
  • The Present becomes a Bestseller at the MoMA Design Store, sells out twice.


  •   A woman named Maria in Australia reaches out in search of owning a clock,  o nly to find out The Present sold out, once   again. 
  • A contract is entered with a wholesaler to produce The Present however, by February 2020 no prototype exists and I choose to not renew the two year contract.

July 20, 2020 

  • Kickstarter project goes live for new Lunar style and full trio early bird pricing.
  • Maria finally gets the chance to back a new edition of The Present.


  • Supply chain restrictions send material and shipping costs through the roof.
  • Multiple delays primarily centered around making the print domino.


  • Seed Investment support and business partner acquired.
  • Found a place to live near the place to make time.

July   20,  2022 

Printmaking Update - Here we are

As of today, many of you have now been waiting two years for The Present and Maria has been waiting since the winter of 2018.

This is the VuTek H5 UV LED Ultra Wide Format 8 color + white printer (Approx. $600,000)
  • Met with Duggal on the day of the full moon last week for an additional in person approval they requested. 
  • When I arrived, to my surprise, they only had a handful of prints as they wanted me to approve once more before moving forward. 
  • They already had my signed proofs but okay, so I traveled 250 miles to see them in person again and  they look good to me,  please print them.
Using one of the two approved samples, I was able to make the closest "ready to ship" version to date.
  • Got the news of the two to three week delay last week on the full moon in the middle of moving the last of our things from Brooklyn storage to our new place way, way out of town. 
  • For the past year we have not had a permanent home so finding a place and signing a lease is already doing wonders for a sense of stability as we head into assembly.
  • Knowing the range of the delay also gave me time to be able to scramble together some order to both the new studio and the new place nearby, 
  • so I could find the time to stop and tell you that I don't know when I will be assembling only that I hope it is very soon and I want to you to know I'm not going anywhere and that this is my life, 
  • it wasn't fun at all to hear about another three week delay from Duggal but in the end it's going to work itself out and the clocks will ship the moment they are able to ship.
  • It's about time, to make some time, sometime soon.

Maria, not too much longer now.

In time,

Scott Thrift


Surprise, print production requires more time than initially estimated due to the nature of maximizing print quality one painfully slow sheet at a time. This means I won't be able to assemble the first clock for close to a month from now now. My patience hit its limit hearing about the new delay and although I remained calm this is in all honesty, many, many more months beyond any delay I would be comfortable with fielding. So much rests in the hands of a single vendor who has the power to make it or break it but I have hope they are going to make it , I just hope they can make it soon.

Deeper Time

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