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Full Moon Update - August 11, 2022

Full Moon Update - August 11, 2022

On some quiet afternoon in the near future.

I asked the ghost of Soutine to paint tonight's super moon, not bad huh?
Turner also took a turn at tonight's supermoon as well.
Maybe you are more into Georgia O'Keeffe?
Or is Hilma af Klint more your style?

Will Ai ever be able to match the work of   artists?  Yep. 

The images you are seeing were created in roughly   seven seconds  using OpenAi's DALL-E 2 image generator. All you have to do is a write a simple prompt and it makes art. For instance, "Full moon painting by Hilma af Klint" is all I wrote for the cracking image above.

The prompt I wrote below was "cyanotype blueprint of the human mind".

 This was "cyanotype blueprint of E=Mc2"



I know you're here to get the latest update from the person who will not give up until these clocks on are on your wall so buckle up for more frustrating news.

"Clockmaker introduces new single handed clock to an audience in 1927"

The prints.

For some vague reason, the printer has decided to change the type of printer these prints are made on, after all this time and all of this work to get it right they want to completely shift gears and practically start over. I know,   I know... it's crazy. Trust me, I let them know what a bad idea that is.

"Clockmaker gives speech to audience in front of large multi-colored clock face"

From what I understand, it takes the previous printing machine, y'know, the one we already have approved prints for, it takes too long for the prints to be made so they have sent it to another machine. 

I was informed in person on July 11th the job would be done in two weeks. Three weeks after that they had nothing and started to talk about changing the printer, which they have now done. They've already sent me samples and there is more work to do to get them to the level we were already at with the previous printer.

"Vutek H5 wide format printer with melting colors spilling on the floor"

The image above did not actually happen but it sure feels that way.  In this short video I see the prints from the printer for the first time and discuss where we are with the process.

 project video thumbnail

Just in case, I am working on a back up. I've called them, discussed my situation and on Tuesday I sent them the print ready files and physical samples of the approved prints I'm already happy with so they can attempt to match the quality. We will have an answer from the current printer soon regarding our request to go back to the original machine and new samples from our back up soon as well.

"Clockmaker pushes large radial spectrum clock up a hill, watercolor"

One more time, it's all going to work out, and soon, these updates will be a part of the distant past as you appreciate the timepiece we're making together on some quiet afternoon in the near future. 

Considering things from this perspective always helps. (this is an "actual" photograph)
DALL-E 2 "Feet standing on cupola of ISS looking down at Earth" pretty close!!!
And finally, if anybody wants to speed things up here are some "Blueprints for a time machine"

In time,

Scott Thrift

Full Moon - August 11, 2022

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