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Full Moon Update - October 20, 2021

Full Moon Update - October 20, 2021

The Present is a gift.


What problem does The Present solve?  

  We don't have time for life.     

We measure our entire lifetimes with work time and wonder why we cannot   achieve  work/life balance.  

Getting closer.

We can give life its own place in time. We can and will de-couple time from work and make time for life. 

We already have clocks for work time. 

What we are missing are clocks for life time.

With help from The Present we can solve the problem not having time for life.

The opportunity of life time.

Still waiting right here with the rest of you. First round of cork is out of customs and at the assembly firm in Rochester. No confirmation yet from UPS about shipment. Deeply grateful for everyone who reached out to help assembly run as smooth as possible by purchasing clocks to give as gifts and donating directly to the project.   

From a backer in Vermont, the moon setting in the west this morning.

I recognize that with these full moon updates, I essentially committed to sending you a reminder every month that you don't have the thing you pledged to help create over a year ago now. I sense that many of you may have grown weary; I want you to know that is okay and understandable. Maybe some of you never wanted to know how much goes into making a few thousand of these things. It sure is a heck of lot and incredibly tedious. 

I suspect that there are also many of you who are enjoying the journey, even this part where we don't know if $128,000 of clock parts is at the bottom of the ocean or pulling into New York Harbor. Will probably get an update tomorrow morning that everything arrived safely so best not stress over something one has no control over whatsoever. 

At any rate, this is it, this is where the project is right now, in the present. 

In time,

Scott Thrift

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