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Full Moon Update - November 18th, 2021

Full Moon Update - November 18th, 2021


I'm so pleased to confirm that half of the components arrived in great shape. 

I made a quick video for you introducing some of them.

 project video thumbnail

As I mentioned in the video everything arrived in Rochester the same day I did. I spent two days counting everything and inspecting the parts. I will return for the entire month of December to finally begin assembly. 

Since the assembly firm is also the distribution hub it is likely that I will also be able to ship a few hundred out next month but please,   don't hold your breath. If you intended for The Present to be an actual present for the holidays, reach out to me, because if you would like,  I can make a personalized video for your giftee explaining why I'm making these, and why they take so long to make if you think that would help you in any way.

I am not kidding when I say that this edition of The Present will run until at least 2042 before you even need to check the batteries and it is possible that they may run much longer than that.  There has never been a clock like that before and you will not only be the first to own one, you helped make it happen.

Custom Glass
The half of it.

The most significant thing that happened was that I was able to drop off our most precious cargo, the crystals, microchips, capacitors and buttons for The Present Movement to a trusted firm in Rochester.  Inside the boxes below, there are 3,000 chips that Sony or any car company out there would buy from us at a ridiculous margin.  So instead of cars and PS5's, these chips are going to power the longest lasting clock movements ever made.

Got a bit emotional leaving these behind.

The firm in Rochester will use robots to pick and place those elements on our custom gold-plated boards in a process called surface mounting, like this:

 project video thumbnail


I'm grateful for the donations that came through recently. It was a total of $472 which allowed me to pay the surface mount tooling costs, thank you.


I am still hoping to connect with an angel investor who can see the value in The Present and step forward,   sooner rather than later, to exchange working capital for a percentage of owning The Present. 

If you are that person,   please, now is the time to reach out. If you are not that person but you know someone who might be interested, please put me in touch with an intro email.



For your support and at this stage, especially your patience. I know this has been a tough one. Supply-chain woes, outrageously high shipping and material costs not withstanding, we will make it through to the other side together. 

In time,

Scott Thrift

ps. For all of the people who want to add the steel and glass details to their wall clocks,  hang in there. You will have the   option to make that change when I confirm addresses a few weeks prior to your item shipping. 

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