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Full Moon Update - September 28th, 2021

Full Moon Update - September 28th, 2021

September 27th, 2011 

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September 27th, 2021

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Time or Money?

What do you see?

The Present Movement

The Future of Time

Artfully engineered with 99.9% pure gold plated circuits.

The longest-lasting wall clock movement ever made.

Choppy waters ahead

Batten Down The Hatches

The Present, separated into tens of thousands of smaller components and packed into container ships, is on its way to New York Harbor.

The first round of cork is arriving from Portugal this week and will soon begin its crawl through an understaffed, heavily congested customs office stateside. I have no way of knowing how long that will be and I want you to know that I am at peace with that now. I hope you are as well. Knowing I have no control over what happens out at sea, helps me participate in the process of  letting go.

The Process of Letting Go

Part of letting go was making the conscious choice to not finish the update on my birthday, the 22nd, and instead, be present for the group of friends I was in the company of and have had the great fortune to know and love. Thank you for your patience as we get this ship safely into the harbor.

Harvest Moon Rise


They gave me these UPS Tracking numbers and I've been hitting refresh every other day or so waiting, and   now you can too...  it's probably more fun to watch paint dry though.

  • 1Z81R6080392403052
  • 1Z81R6080394708916
  • 1Z81R6080394768594
  • 1Z81R6080392361688
  • 1Z593Y5F0339702785

You can   Copy/Paste/Search  any of the numbers — we're all looking for a delivery date to pop up.  And when the components do land, we get to wait together peacefully as everything shuffles its way through customs in a world waking up to the long-term effects of short-term thinking. 

I hope this update helps you understand 

where we are and what to expect, even if what we are expecting is a bit more of the grey unknown.  

What I do know for sure is that 

2,400 clocks will be assembled and shipped as soon as it is possible.

And that

Because of the skyrocketing shipping, labor, and materials costs, everything is about to get   expensive. 

What I want to   now  prevent is bottlenecking due to a lack of working capital   later. The Present has been in business since the summer of 2012 and I have been approved for a small business loan. The approved amount was 1/10th of what would be appropriate working capital given the scale of production at play. I have submitted an increased request and hope to hear back within the next 3-weeks I am told. Cross your finger with me in three, two, one — cross!

In the meantime

I am genuinely asking for your help. Help to cover the rising costs, hire a proper staff,  to rapidly find solutions to the inevitable "unknown-unknowns" and professionally manage this most critical part of the operation. One of the best ways to help is of course through:


2,013 of   2,400  units have   already been reserved  by you and the gang. 

The remaining 387 are now available for the first time to you, the backers who have made all of this joy and frustration, and dedication possible.  Buying time for yourself or someone else you love has never been easier with The Present.


I've just completed editing a feature film about a new territory in the field of performance art. We finished the film on the Full Moon and it premiered last Tuesday projected live to a masked audience of one hundred patrons in this outsized hayloft.

Red Barn

I mention it to help clarify that what we are doing with The Present is  not so different from making a film

We are now moving into the post-production phase of producing The Present. Get comfy, remain calm, stay hydrated, breathe deeply, get outside for some fresh air, and whatever you do, do not edit past 4:44am or you will start writing lyrics to the musical theater piece in your mind.

Life is not a race or a marathon.

Yet every one of us holds the baton.

There is no finish line.

This isn't the end of time.

This is process.

This is beginning.

This is brand new.

"The Next Generation of Home Entertainment"  — CORE77 (Design Aggregate)

The Present is a slow-moving, thought-provoking philosophical entertainment piece that gives life more time.

Not an either/or The Present is a yes, and...

If the decade long tenacity of this story is resonating with you and you want to help expand The Present now and throughout the '2020s, then it is my honor, on behalf of The Present LLC,  to humbly ask you to consider a macro or micro-donation to help us sail through the inevitable turbulence of assembling and shipping a project of this size.* 

USD  or   EURO  - Paypal 






Scott Thrift:  Hello again! 

Reader:  Wait, did you just ask for donations?

Scott Thrift:  Yes I did, I know first hand what happens when you have to make every clock yourself to make ends meet and it's nothing but starving yourselves in the face of abundance. 

Reader:  But your dignity? Are you not ashamed to so bluntly ask for monetary help?

Scott Thrift:  All I have to do is focus on the joy those funds will enable.

Reader:  What about the discount for existing backers?

Scott Thrift:  Yes of course her it is — DISCOUNT CODE: 


Reduces the overall cost of clocks to inspire the act of giving ThePresent as a gift.

Reader:  Got it thanks!

Scott Thrift: Curious if there are other ways you might be able to help? The Present isn't a start-up it's a keep going. We would love to send you our fancy   deck** and   term sheet  that will help you understand why The Present is the opportunity of life time.***

In time,

Scott Thrift

* While I have consciously dedicated a span of my life to crafting a refreshing new brand of time for 2042 and beyond, I feel the need to be super clear that I sustain my life in NYC (and soon to be in the much less expensive city of Tilburg, NL) through the magic of editing film. Do you know someone who needs an uncommonly talented editor for their feature project? I'm on fire right now, let me know — I love all things timing-related, editing, the recording arts, comedy, and knowing precisely when an idea's time has come. With The Present, that time is now, all of the time.


TL;DR - The Present Plan

*** The grammatical error is intentional, to pull focus on the phrase "life time" so that one can more easily imagine "life time" as a necessary contrast to work time. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, however, more importantly, both exist. Clearly, we are collectively focused, as species, on an inherently short-term, fragmented perception of life that does wonders for catching the train   on  time and nothing for what it means to be   in  time.  

The Present is an opportunity to have   the time of your life.

Thanks for letting me share it with you dear reader.

Email me anything or book some free time with me soon if you want to connect.


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