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Full Moon Update - December 18th, 2021

Full Moon Update - December 18th, 2021

The Show Must Go On


Everything is moving forward,   slowly.

All 2,500 printed circuit boards have been surface mounted in the states with robotic accuracy.

Movement Assembly can begin, finally.


I'm picking up 2,500 completed boards on Monday, December 20th locally here in Rochester.

Each printed circuit board is now ready to undergo the gearbox and battery holder soldering process of assembly.    I know you've seen these boards before, I am holding it up again to celebrate that all of the chips, crystals and capacitors have been assembled professionally on 2,500 movement boards. It's a big step and I'm thankful that I was able to have this taken care of here in Rochester.


An engineering friend of mine is coming up to Rochester this week to help solder the movements. We believe we can solder all 2,500 of the movements by the 28th. That leaves the last week of 2021 and the first week of 2022 to begin programming each movement into either day, moon or year rhythms. 

This (above) has to be soldered into that (below)

The space they offered me at the warehouse.

The solder parade begins here on Monday. 


We have all learned that if I set a clear date, it will be swallowed by forces beyond my control. I wanted to begin shipping in July of this year... Clearly, The Present is a different sort of thing than something you buy online for "same-day" shipping, or even "same-year" shipping at this point. There are many backers on this newsletter who pledged for The Present around July, 2020. That's a long time to wait, even for a time device about a long time, that is still a long time to wait.


If you are reading this you are likely one of the very few people who will be giving yourself or someone else you love the gift of more time in 2022.


Only 2,500 are being made this round and as of now all of them have been sold. This is good news simply because it means we have spent no money on marketing. This is also challenging news because it means that there are and always will be more people on the planet who want The Present and cannot have it. 

a $425,000 painting


I would like to humbly ask once again if there are any  angel investors  in the audience who might be interested in playing a larger role with The Present? Would you give me chance to tell you where I am and what's next? I could not be more excited about the near future of The Present and would appreciate a few minutes of your time.  Thank you,  contact me here 



To every backer, I am eternally grateful for your patience, even though at this point, even if your patience has worn completely thin, I hope I still have your understanding. These things do take time, even without the global supply-chain issues.   Things are moving forward   though,   slowly , forward. 

Front Lines  by   Gary Snyder

As the cricket's soft autumn hum

is to us

so are we to the trees

as are they

to the rocks and the hills.


Thank you for reading, supporting, pledging,

and being a part of changing time.

In time,

Scott Thrift

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