Full Moon Update - January 6th, 2023

Full Moon Update - January 6th, 2023

1.  The 1000' roll of JetView printing film arrived yesterday at Duggal.

2.  After four attempts the back up printer has failed to reproduce the quality of their own prints.

Take Four: One of these is not like the other.

3. This is bananas.

4. Breathe

5. These are test units; clocks I've assembled to help eliminate inevitable assembly obstacles. 

6. Every single movement has been tested; after a lot of problem solving our success rate is now 97.5% 

2.5% defective rate (you will not receive a defective movement)
That's me with my friend Josh who made the new ultra long lasting universal movement a reality.

7.  The Present now has an official assembly facility and recently three different clocks arrived. 

It was so cool to see these editions in person which haven't seen since I made/shipped them. I love them all and I am so happy with the current design and associated vendors / partners. While holding a clock in each hand the amount of correspondence, iteration and relationship building came into focus for me. My heart skipped a beat out of gratitude for the entire journey which thankfully, continues here and now in 2023.

The Present 162 Saint Paul St. Burlington, VT 05401

This is the original box from 2012 which shipped after a considerable delay in the spring of 2013.
2013 Edition 1/2000
2013 meets 2023
2014 Edition 1/1000
2014 Edition 1/1000



The Present?

In the past, ThePresent was written together, without a space, for the following reason. 

For years I wasn't certain the object had earned such a definitively provocative name. I suspected it was the correct name however I kept the space out of the title until I was able to confirm it to be true. 

After all, is this just ThePresent or is this The Present ?   

After hearing from so many who have lived with The Present over time I believe calling this series "The Present" is appropriate. 

The Present is the gift that gives life more time.

2015 Edition of 1/500 on the left 2023 on the right.
2015 meets 2023

8.  The arrival of the JetView material is good news

It required 110 days ( !!! )  to make 1000' of film. 

In the meantime I pushed for a reliable back up while commissioning Duggal to explore printing on more readily available material because, hey, I love the JetView but seriously, we've got to have a solution now. After running experiments with three different types of acid-free canvas all it did was further cement the value of the JetView, which arrived yesterday.

This a summary sheet for JetView material they made for The Present.

Now they can add Fine Art ! - Also, they should probably adjust the "Stocked and available" bit right?

9.  I now know what my next design is going to be and I'm thrilled to share it. 

First things first though, let's get these clocks made and shipped already!  

10. Thank you for being a part of this adventure into the present. 

Wishing you grace, humor and good timing in 2023 and beyond.

In time,

Scott Thrift

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