Full Moon Update: December 8, 2022

Full Moon Update: December 8, 2022


Last month I ordered 100 moon prints.

Yesterday I opened the box of 100 prints to begin assembling the first timepieces at long last, beginning with the moon.

When I pulled the prints out the first thing I noticed was a lack of distinct white or black in the print, even the brightest "white" of the image appeared to be gray.

1 of the 100 new prints on top (gray) - Original approved print from same company on the bottom (white)

When I lined up the approved print and the new print, it was clear there must be some sort of production error. In general it is unusual for the delivery to not match the approved print.

It's okay, we've been here before and we can fix it.

new on top - approved on bottom

I do want you to know I saw this grey mistake and seriously considered going forward as if I never noticed the error in favor of getting these clocks assembled  asap no matter what. 

However, as you likely know by now, I cannot in good conscience make a timepiece with an inadequate print.

Original up top / New print below

Here is a trio of choices I was open to make:

1. Close my eyes   and assemble a different "gray" design and pretend for the rest of my life that I still   have artistic integrity. 

2. Clarify what the issue is and check in with the   printer

3. Go for a walk

I clarified the issue, 

checked in with the printer, 

and went for a walk. 

i have no idea who that is

Why does it matter?

If the image of the moon only peaks in gray, the viewer is left without the oscillating sense of renewal between white and black offered by the complete design. 

We can fix it.

So instead of assembling timepieces yesterday for the update, I put together a presentation to gently clarify the issue with the vendor.

They got back to me later in the day with this response.

For the sake of privacy, identifying details have been redacted


The printer is aware of the issue, preparing a new batch of 100 moons and I'm grateful for being one UPS delivery away from assembly. 

There are so many orders of The Present Moon we are focusing on making those first. Thank you again, I'm grateful for this opportunity and so, so ready to put these together for you. We are   days  away from getting this assembly cycle humming!

In time,

Scott Thrift

Shipping Damage Test - How much can these shipments handle?

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