Full Moon Update - February 5th, 2023

Full Moon Update - February 5th, 2023

Hi there, 

This is where we are now in 2023,

conducting business over text.



Duggal commits to delivering near the ides of February.  

This is progress.

Here is the thing though.

The lesson. 

Have a back up.

This is me.

At another back up.

Back up number four*

This is what we've made.

Left is approved - Center is the color match - Right is from the first run of prints in 2012.


I'll walk over to the local facility to see prints printing.

Everything will land on the ides of February.

Both Duggal and the finished die-cut versions from Back Up Four arrive the week of 14th.

That is the end of the production update.

Here is a new photo style I'm trying with The Present.

What do you think?

Still there? 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your continued patience and support as we work to get The Present timepieces to you. It's been a long wait and I am grateful for your understanding.

We are making steady progress and as always, I am here to answer any questions you may have and will continue to provide updates on each full moon until every one of you has received your timepiece. 

Thank you again for your support and understanding. 

Holding the approved print for The Present Year.

 * Back ups  

  • Rochester Printer Number One (they gave up) 
  • Printer in Quebec with similar capabilities to Duggal ($55 per print is impossible)
  • Rochester Printer Number Two (they gave up) 
  • Queen City Printers (can nail the Year but not Moon or Day)

There is a present in this box.

One more thing!

I cannot resist talking about one of the most exciting, useful and promising technological breakthroughs in recent memory. You're an early adopter so you probably already know about ChatGPT, I'm new to it but I already cannot imagine computers without it.

It's a tool to: 



You said it ChatGPT, not me!

 Have you ChatGPT'd yourself yet!?

Alrighty then!

ChatGPT is a clunky mouthful of a brand name, so I used ChatGPT to come up with different names for itself. After some deep diving, together as a team, we landed on PaI. Here is why that's such a solid name.

ChatGPT really is a "PaI", thank you for being mine dear reader.

In time,

Scott Thrift

It is so cold in Burlington Vermont, Lake Champlain was steaming!?

If you want to know what it felt like to hear Marina say week of Valentine's Day, 

coupled with the local printer nailing The Present Year, 

this sums it up nicely.

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