Full Moon Update - November 8, 2022

Full Moon Update - November 8, 2022

Focal Point

Work in Progress

I'm sharing the sharp focus shots with you below because you understand that Kickstarter is not a store, it's a story.  We're on a journey into the heart of making something happen and we are closer than ever but even the best clocks I have in the shop at the moment are still works in progress. So I made these photos today of those timepieces and actually, only one of the prints below uses the same material you will find in the final. Any anomalies you are likely to notice will not be present in the future, you're amazing, thank you.

Full Moon
November 8th - Northern Hemisphere

Why not both?

At long last we've worked through the issues across both printing companies. Interestingly, we found out that one company prints a particular face better than the other and vice versa, so we've placed smaller orders with both. What I'm trying to tell you is that the only thing between me, you and the assembly of these timepieces is time. The revision/test stage of this edition is now a part of the past. 

Stunning work of the current Total Lunar Eclipse by @ajamesmccarthy

Low-Key Fun 

All of the pressure of this project is slowly being replaced by a calm acceptance of how much fun the rest of this is going to be. From assembly, to shipping, to you turning on The Present and gradually getting to know time better than ever before, it's low-key fun. 

Making Time 

The Present was a dream and you've helped it come true, so this is what it looks like to make dreams come true. Whatever it takes, I think it's worth it because of what it gives. Someone who lived with The Present Year for five years was asked in a survey, "What is the benefit of living with The Present?" and they responded with:

"The sense that every now and then I feel like I have enough/more time in my life."

To having enough/more time in your life,*

Scott Thrift

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