Full Moon Update - May 5th, 2023

Full Moon Update - May 5th, 2023

Hello again. 

Last month's update was a long one so I went a little light tonight. 

There is one thing I want to make clear in this update; we have streamlined our operation and

we are now satisfying all Triple Steel & Glass Pledges first. 

Our target is to assemble and ship the remaining 46 Triple Domestic Pledges (138 clocks) by June 5th.

Followed by 38 Triple International Pledges (114 clocks) assembled and shipped by June 30th.


Yes, we are confident we can hit those target dates in addition to fulfilling new full priced orders.


Yes, we are now a we. 

My beloved partner of eight years has stepped up and we are now making time together. I really needed some help; I don't know how I was doing this alone.

The Day's Bounty
Prepping fresh movements for programming
"We" also includes our charming postman John.
Clock Tower

Grateful to finally be able to set some realistic delivery dates at least for the next 250+ timepieces. 


This is the first of three remaining full moon updates for this project. 


On JUNE 3rd I will make additional estimated delivery times with even more confidence.


On JULY 3rd I will have a solid ETA for all remaining pledges and will invite you over to my newsletter.

Until then,

Scott Thrift

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