Full Moon Update - April 6th, 2023

Full Moon Update - April 6th, 2023

You and I have been waiting on this update for quite some time now. 

The dots signify what's inside - blue (day) white (moon) yellow (year)

I have been making clocks since the last full moon and I have been shipping clocks for the past two weeks.

It's finally actually happening.

Check out this photo and email from Kevin in Toronto:

Hello Toronto!
This is from Kevin in Toronto

Remember Maria in Australia? The one who has been waiting patiently since 2018?

Well this is her box of three minimal presents - day, moon, and year.

It was picked by USPS on the 4th.

Hi Maria

And here is the first note from the wild about the new cork body, featured in all three models, coming in from Washington D.C.

Big thanks to the award winning design duo CW&T who helped me consider a solid cork body and collaborated with me to level up the quality of these stunning gifts.

Super Star Designers Taylor and Che-Wei of CW&T

Check out that flush mounted profile!

ooo la la

Brushed Stainless Steel Precision Engineered to Pressure Fit

It just feels good to write and say, right?

Hello lightness my new friend.

One more time! 





Engineered to 

Pressure Fit. 

And the final prints from Duggal are hypnotizing...

The blend, the realism, the stillness.
pale blue dot
ocean planet

I sent out the first moon edition to one of the backers who pushed me for years to create a lunar edition. 

She filmed herself opening it up!

 project video thumbnail

I also sent Marina at Duggal flowers to thank her for their dedication to the prints.

Well, flowers... and tens of thousands of dollars.

Which brings me to the title of this update.

340 / 560 / 720 

The Little Present

is now 


The Present - Minimal

is now 


The Present

is now 



This is the first time I've priced The Present appropriately since I started doing this in 2011 and the story of me selling these at a loss, ends today. 

This new pricing structure acknowledges the exceptional rarity and value of The Present and crucially, enables me to make them consistently with no more delays.

There is a present in there for you.

You will of course, not have to pay the difference to get your clocks, you're the earliest of early adopters. 

In order to enable myself to do this and honor the price I promised all of you — I am opening up sales of the full priced clocks for immediate shipment. 

This means when I sell a clock at the true price I can actually afford to accelerate making and sending more clocks to you at the same time.

Regardless of sales I am still shipping a few dozen clocks out every week to backers.

Also don't fret if you need to change addresses, I will not ship until I confirm your address on a one by one basis.

Excited to deliver your pledge soon and get this new way of experiencing time into your hands.

This is where I station the clocks before packaging.


In a perfect world I would have been able to make and ship every single clock before opening shop; the reality is the price of making these far exceeded the 2020 pledge amounts.

I'm great at one or two things, good at a few more and particularly bad at being a businessman. Admittedly, I got in way over my head and would highly recommend not launching an analog hardware project during a global pandemic.

The only way forward is this; the more timepieces I move, the more I can simultaneously ship to backers. 

See the collection here.

The Present.is

There will be a total of three remaining full moon updates via Kickstarter.

MAY 5th

JUNE 3rd

JULY 3rd 

Until then, your friend in time,

Scott Thrift

bottled lightning

The Present on IG___@thepresent.is 

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