The Present Moon

$ 720.00

Welcome to a more meaningful relationship with time.

Align the pace of your with the meditative rhythm of the lunar cycle. This interactive art piece mirrors our moon's 29.5-day journey around Earth. Experience a broader, more holistic view of time, grounded in the phases of the moon.

The single hand of this timepiece completes one revolution every 29.5-days.

Thought-provoking, singular, profound — over 5,000 customers in 42 countries give us the confidence to believe The Present is the perfect gift.

Available in two styles to transform any space into a place.

Original $720 
You are viewing the Original 11" wall clock featuring a custom glass lens pressure fit into place by brushed stainless steel rings.

Desktop  $360
Click Here to see the small 5" giftable desktop version.

11" Diameter

2.5" Depth

3 lbs

Ships with installation kit

The Present is a limited edition work of art made in Vermont featuring: 

  • custom clock movement programmed with original code

  • circuit board fabricated using a thin layer of 99.9% gold

  • engineered to last for decades on the pre-installed batteries

  • solid cork body crafted and imported from Portugal

  • brushed stainless steel rings engineered to pressure fit together

  • custom contact-lens-like wide angle glass made in the USA 

  • art prints by Duggal in NYC on state of the art UV printers

  • original tooling for the fiberglass/resin hand-painted clock hands

  • a machined, engraved and anodized 4mm thick aluminum back plate

  • custom 3D printed hanging component

  • discrete magnetic connection points on back plates

  • initialized, assembled and ships from Vermont