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The Present - Day

Change the way you see your day.

Inspired by a holistic vision of a single day on Earth, this numberless timepiece guides you through a spacious and meditative experience of dawn, noon, dusk and night, changing the way you see your  24-hour day.

Living with this time-giving gift helps you reframe the present moment within the context of Earth's diurnal cycle; the result is  a chance to find balance, a deeper awareness of life’s abundance, and a new appreciation for the value of time itself.

The Present is a gift.

Hello, we've drawn the following benefits directly from our testimonials, which you can read for yourself  here.

Give Your Life More Time

The Present lets you see time from an additional, more holistic perspective. By adding this new cyclical dimension to your awareness of time, you give yourself a practical tool that enriches your knowledge of now, forever.


Deepen Your Connection to Nature

Align the rhythm of your own life with the pace of the natural world. The Present mirrors the ever-changing cycles of nature, helping you make sense of and adapt more readily to change.


Anchor Awareness

Compliment the black-and-white thinking of conventional time with a more present-oriented mindset that emphasizes the quality of moments over their quantity.  


Cultivate Balance 

By countering our fast-paced, future-oriented schedules with the cyclical, holistic perspective of The Present, we can lead a more harmonious and balanced life.


Nurture Intentionality

The Present encourages a conscious and deliberate awareness of the moment. With a broader view of time, make decisions that align more closely with your long-term goals and values.


Reduce Time Scarcity

By gently shifting your focus from future worries or past regrets to the continuous flow of the present, you reduce stress and make space for a more tranquil, abundant state of mind.


Sense of Belonging

Align your life with a time system that's more human-centric, encouraging a greater sense of community and a participate in a new global shared experience of life on Earth.



The striking design and innovative concept inspire conversation, curiosity, and original thinking.


Long-term Vision

The Present invites you to consider the bigger picture of your life and the world around you, promoting long-term thinking.


A Gift for Generations

Owning The Present is more than owning a timepiece; it's setting a precedent for future generations to have a more balanced relationship with time.


This version includes the  wide-angle glass lens  pressure fit in place by brushed stainless steel. 

11" Diameter

2.5" Depth

3.2 lbs

Ships with installation kit

The Present is a limited edition work of art featuring:

  • a custom clock movement built from the ground up and programmed with original code

  • a circuit board fabricated using a thin layer of 99.9% pure gold

  • the movement is hand soldered by the Scott Thrift and engineered to last for decades on the pre-installed batteries

  • solid cork body manufactured and imported from Portugal

  • brushed stainless steel rings engineered with surgical precision to pressure fit together

  • custom contact-lens-like glass made in the USA 

  • a face reverse-printed by Duggal in NYC on a $800k wide-format UV printer

  • original tooling for the fiberglass/resin hand-painted clock hands

  • a machined, engraved and anodized 4mm thick aluminum back plate

  • custom 3D printed hanging component

  • magnetic connection points on back plates installed by hand

  • a steel powder coated faceplate hand painted with two coats of white primer

  • each clock movement is initialized, assembled and ships from Burlington, Vermont.