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The Present

The Present is a trio of time-giving gifts to help guide our thinking and behavior into greater harmony with nature.

By turning our awareness to the perennial cycles of the day, the moon, and the year we can rediscover the original nature of time and a more holistic way of living.


Give yourself time

The Present 

Designed and assembled in New York.

Limited Supply

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What is the primary benefit of living with The Present?

"The benefit is connecting to a more emotionally meaningful orientation of time."

"A sense of place in the universe."

"The benefit is the sense that every now and then I feel like I have enough/more time  in my life."

Additional lived experiences of The Present

"The next generation of home entertainment"   Core77

"More awareness, less hurry. Life's a gift. "   Swissmiss

"a 21st century Walden"  Fast Company

Additional Third-Party Validation

  • HEART  - The Present Movement / 99.9% Pure Gold Plating - NYC
  • BODY  - Custom Molded Zero Waste Cork - PORTUGAL
  • BACK  - Glass Bead Blasted Laser Etched Anodized Aluminum - HK
  • HAND  - Custom Molded Powder Coated Fiberglass/ABS - USA
  • FACE  - Reverse Printed on Matte Archival  Film - NYC


  • WIDE ANGLE VIEW - Custom Glass Convex Lens - USA
  • SEALED  - Custom   Brushed Stainless Steel Rims - HK
  • ASSEMBLED - New York State - USA 
  • POWER  - Two "Never-Leak" AA Batteries Included
  • LONG-TERM  - Change batteries once every twenty years or more


  • START  - Remove Backplate + Press Green Button
  • AUTO-SET  - The hand will auto-set to the present
  • INSTALL  - Securely using inner hang plate


  • SHIPPING  - Shipping included during pre-order
  • WEIGHT - 2.4 lbs (1kg)
  • DIAMETER  - 11" (27.94cm)
  • HEIGHT  - 2.5" wide at the center (6.35 cm)
  • WARRANTY  - 20 Years

When will The Present ship?

The Present will ship as soon as it is possible. It may ship as early as December but it may also ship in January or February of 2022. Due to the global supply chain slow down, it is unwise for me, at this juncture, to provide exact shipping dates.

Outside of occasionally utilizing Kickstarter, The Present has yet to be marketed. The funds from your pre-order sale will be utilized immediately to hire additional staff to help the assembly process run smoothly. You should expect your card to be charged within a day or two of your pre-order. 

Please keep in mind that The Present LLC is operating by one person, me, the artist who makes these things. I have made 7,200 timepieces that I've shipped to forty different countries. I ask for your patience as your own ship date approaches.

In time,

Scott Thrift