The Little Present

$ 360.00 USD

Welcome to The Present


The single hand of this timepiece completes one revolution every 365.24 days.

The Present offers a broader perspective on the here and now, transforming your ability to see and appreciate the present moment.


These temporal works of art reflect the cyclical pace of change that conventional time and modern life overlook.


Augmenting the short-term seconds, minutes, and hours of life with the long-term rhythm of the seasons helps you form a more meaningful relationship with the moment. 


Thought-provoking, singular, profound—The Little Present is the perfect gift.

5" Diameter

2" Depth

1.5 lbs

The Present is a limited edition work of art featuring: 


  • Lifetime Warranty

  • custom clock movement programmed with original code

  • circuit board fabricated using a thin layer of 99.9% gold

  • engineered to last for decades on the pre-installed batteries

  • solid cork body crafted and imported from Portugal

  • art prints by Duggal in NYC on state of the art UV printers

  • original tooling for the fiberglass/resin hand-painted clock hands

  • a machined, engraved and anodized 4mm thick aluminum back plate

  • custom 3D printed hanging component

  • discrete magnetic connection points on back plates

  • initialized, assembled and ships from Vermont