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What do you mean "more time"?

Short answer: When you give yourself another way of seeing time, you will literally and metaphorically have more time to consider than you had before.

Long answer: By "more time," we mean broadening your understanding and experience of time beyond just the linear, measured cadence we're accustomed to. This involves acknowledging and connecting with the cyclical pace of time as it exists in the natural world, like the gradual shift in seasons, the lunar cycle or the ebb and flow of day and night.

Living with one or more of these timepieces is a practical way to have more time in our lives; more time for stillness, more time for reflection, gratitude and joy. 

By integrating nature's rhythms into our daily life, we give ourselves new ways to see, think about and relate to time. This expanded perspective not only enriches our relationship with time itself but also allows us to experience life more fully. 

What does The Present do?

The Present gives owners and their families a front row seat to the previously elusive nature of cyclical time, revealing a refreshing perspective on how you think and feel about time.


How does it feel?

Giving time the context of the natural world offers a range of   well documented benefits. From feeling grounded, to a deeper appreciation for life and a welcome sense of balance in time.


Why does The Present matter?

The Present helps people experience time in a more meaningful, life-affirming new way.


Why make The Present?

Practically speaking, to  give life more time .

The Present offers a new way of experiencing time, allowing you to feel more present, connected, and grounded in the world around you.

By liberating yourself from the monotony of conventional time-keeping and embracing the rhythms of nature, you can discover what being present in time means to you. 

What needs does The Present serve?

The Present serves the needs of anyone looking for a more meaningful relationship with time. 

It is designed for anyone interested in experiencing time in a more thoughtful, deliberate and satisfying way.

It offers an experience that transcends the traditional notion of time as a linear and finite resource, helping owners appreciate the cyclical nature of time.

The Present addresses feelings of stress, anxiety, and time poverty by providing an additional perspective on time that allows people to focus on what truly matters in their lives. 

In a world that values speed, efficiency, and productivity, The Present offers a way to slow down, connect with the natural world, and rejuvenate their experience of time.

What is The Present's essential role in people's lives?

To provide a new perspective on time, help people cultivate a deeper appreciation for its cyclical nature and to encourage a healthier relationship with the living world and time itself.



What impact does The Present have on the world?

The impact of The Present on the world is two-fold.

On an individual level, it has the potential to transform people's relationship with time and improve their well-being by fostering a deeper sense of connection to the natural world.

On a broader level, The Present has the potential to contribute to a more sustainable and mindful culture by challenging the dominant narrative of industrial time and productivity.

By encouraging a shift towards cyclical time, The Present promotes a more harmonious and balanced relationship between humans and   the planet.

Why The Present instead of a traditional clock?

Conventional time is ubiquitous. 

The Present has the ability to   elevate the way we understand and experience time,  helping you cultivate a deeper appreciation for the rhythms of life.

Unlike traditional clocks or productivity tools, The Present combines elegant analog design with metaphysical first principles to create a work of art that 'levels up' your temporal cognition.

With its novel approach to time, The Present provides a rejuvenating perspective that helps you shift time from  foe to friend

Why now?

We live in the long term effects of short term thinking.

The vast majority of society's ills stem from a lack of understanding the nature and value of time. Our shared present passes us by the second we are able to acknowledge it.

With such a narrow vision of the present, we have inadvertently made it practically impossible to conjure a shared future.

These philosophical instruments address the unintended side effects of conventional time; short term thinking, anxiety, fomo, and a sense of never feeling grounded in the present.

Conventional time is primarily related to  work and the act of being  on time.

The Present is primarily related to  life and the act of being  in time.

These are tools for being in time. 

How do I set The Present?

The Present is set for you at the clock shop and arrives "on".  We suggest checking on the batteries for the first time in 2042. It is possible for The Present to run between 20-40 years accurately without changing the batteries.


How can it last so long?

We made an original clock movement with the most advanced chip available to run for the longest term possible on the installed batteries.


How is The Present made?

It is a limited edition, functional work of art crafted with intention:

  • a custom clock movement built from the ground up and programmed with original code

  • a circuit board fabricated using a thin layer of 99.9% pure gold

  • the movement is hand soldered by the artist and engineered to last for decades

  • solid cork manufactured and imported from Portugal

  • brushed stainless steel rings engineered with surgical precision to pressure fit together

  • custom contact-lens-like glass made in the USA 

  • a face printed at Duggal on a $780k wide-format UV printer

  • original tooling for the fiberglass/resin hand-painted clock hands

  • a machined, engraved and anodized 4mm thick aluminum back plate

  • custom 3D printed hanging component

  • magnetic connection points on back plates installed by hand

  • a steel powder coated faceplate hand painted with two coats of white primer

  • each clock movement is initialized, assembled and ships from Burlington, Vermont. 

What makes it valuable?

Firstly, it is a highly functional and practical tool for personal growth and transformation, serving as a tangible reminder of the value of change as it plays out in nature.

Secondly, it is a one-of-a-kind timepiece that is not available anywhere else, making it a unique and exclusive addition to any collection. 

Finally, the value the product brings to the user, both in terms of its beauty and functionality, as well as the deeper sense of meaning and purpose that it can inspire in one's life. 

Who makes it and why?

A bestseller in Tokyo and NYC at the MoMA Design Store, The Present is "on" in thousands of homes across forty-two countries.  

You can peruse the profound experiences owners are having on the  testimonials page or learn more about Scott through the articles on his work over time here,  press.

The Present is Thrift's life work.

Ask  ChatGPT "Who is Scott Thrift?" !


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