Have More Time Now

Have More Time Now

The Present isn't just a clock; it's a revolutionary approach to perceiving and interacting with time. Time, as we know it, is a social construct—an agreement shaped by productivity and efficiency demands. But we have the agency to redefine this construct.


With The Present, we introduce a new dimension to our daily lives. This timepiece aligns with the natural rhythms of the entire day, the lunar cycle, and seasonal change, allowing us to see beyond the relentless tick-tock of conventional clocks. By giving ourselves new ways of experiencing time, we, in effect, give life more time. 


This broader perspective creates a sense of spaciousness, offering us more opportunities to appreciate the present moment and the flow of life.


By integrating The Present into our lives, we shift from merely counting the scarcity of minutes to experiencing an abundance of time. This holistic approach encourages us to balance time for work with time for life. 


It’s about enriching our existence with deeper connections to the natural world and ourselves. This change enhances our present and lays the foundation for a future where time feels more meaningful.


People will have more time in the future because they will see, think about, and measure time differently. The Present offers this new perspective, helping us construct a life filled with a more prosperous, more fulfilling awareness of the moment.

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