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Full Moon Update - June 24th, 2021

Full Moon Update - June 24th, 2021


Welcome to another brief full moon update about making The Present.

There is something curious about the way that The Present, which offers little means of traditional counting, wind up being a time you can truly count on — it's the consistency of each natural cycle that you can "count" on. 

The Present Moon — Full — 29.5 day revolution
This is where we left things last month.

In the previous update, I was showing you how The Present icon would be laser etched before being anodized. It was once an idea, then a mock-up and now it is a real thing that will be the backplate for every timepiece. 

Oddly typical poor photo quality from the factory floor — but it will do!
From idea into the etched, sand-blasted, anodized metal backplate.
Post-Etch — Pre-Sandblast/Anodize Bath

The Present Movement

Here is where we left things with our special gearbox.

Old boards melted and removed.
Testing the process of building 24 movements.
2 minutes was my best assembly time.

I was a little concerned about the DIY nature of the new movement but the more I get into the flow of the soldering process, the more it actually makes sense to make these in-house moving forward. It's thrilling to craft an original electronic device. 

Fixing time.

A clock owner dropped her wall clock resulting in a slightly damaged edge. This is the replacement face that I applied before sending it back to her. I mention it to assure you that if there is ever anything wrong with your clock there is a very good chance that it can be fixed. 

The Present Day

All domestic annual movements have shipped.

Original 2012 Annual Movement with Auto-Set

All international shipments will be arriving on or before July 2nd.

In case you missed the instruction email:

Instructions  to   The Present 

The movement you will receive is the first of its kind.  It was custom engineered, programmed, and assembled in Germany by a company founded in 1899. It exists because I found myself either being anxious about the future or ruminating about the past, all the while missing the present itself.

What was needed was a tool to help understand the quiet, consistent nature of the present; the middle path between the polarizing nature of the future and the past. Together, with backers around the world, we've made an instrument that points to the ineffable quality of time.

Here is how to turn it on.

Instructions for The Present

  1. Keep Lock-Pin In
  2. Install movement
  3. Attach hand
  4. Remove Lock-Pin
  5. Insert 2xAA
  6. Auto-Set takes place within 6 minutes.
  7. Change batteries once every 4 years.

Peruse the linked PDF for greater detail.


I've included a pair of hands in each box, one large, one small.

Caring for The Present

The Heart of The Present is stable, resilient, and with care, it will last many years into the future. To care for it simply change the batteries once every four years to prevent inevitable battery leakage from old batteries.  Not designed for use with rechargeable batteries.

If you ordered clocks in addition to this movement, you should expect those to begin shipping this fall alongside everyone else. I am always here for questions and I'm grateful for your pledge. Thank you so much for being a part of The Present.


Very much looking forward to having all of the parts in one place to begin assembling for you soon.

See you on the bright evening of July 23rd.

In time,

Scott Thrift

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