The Present was crafted with a great deal of care to ensure physical and operational longevity.



If you ever have any problem with the clock body or timing mechanism, it can almost certainly be fixed


using the manual setting function and a few emails back and forth with me, Scott Thrift the designer.



Shipping & Handling


Please be sure to inspect ThePresent after shipment is delivered and contact me right away if the merchandise


appears to be defective. Please take a photo of the issue and email me at the address above.



Caring for The Present



Like any object in the home, The Present will accumulate dust over the years. It is safe to use 'Windex-like'


cleaners on the glass but please only use a cloth damp with water to dust the metal housing.



Changing the batteries


Two AA batteries should last up to 4 years however I recommend that you take a quick peek at the batteries


once every two years to make sure there is no corrosion. This will also allow you to clean the clock and make 


sure that your wall mounting job is stable.



Humidity and High Heat


If The Present is consistently exposed to sea air, high heat and or humidity, the likelihood of battery and body


corrosion will increase. If you keep your clock in such an environment please take extra care by checking it


every year for rusting and corrosion.





Lifetime Warranty


The nature of this work of art is to redefine your perception of time. It has been designed to last as long as


possible with very little upkeep. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the experience, I will gladly refund


your purchase minus shipping & restocking fees. 



ThePresent is unconditionally warranted on the product against defects of the timing mechanism,


materials or workmanship such as warping of the face or rust on the nickel plating.



This warranty does not cover corrosion or any type of discoloration due to customer use of abrasives on 


the clock body or face. If for any reason the timing mechanism cannot be fixed through correspondence,


it can be sent to me for repair. An empty box will be sent you so that you so that The Present can be safely


packaged and sent to me. Unfortunately I cannot afford to pay for shipping to and from your location.



If you ever have any questions at all regarding any aspect of this work of art - please contact me directly.



Thank you.


Enjoy your time!