Time is our friend.

What needs does The Present serve?

The Present serves the needs of individuals who are looking for a more meaningful relationship with time. It is designed for anyone interested in experiencing time in a more thoughtful, deliberate and satisfying way. 

Time is our friend.

The Present offers an experience that transcends the traditional notion of time as a linear and finite resource, helping individuals form a deeper appreciation for cyclical time. 

The Present is Already On

Crafted from scratch to honor the nature of time, The Present arrives accurately aligned with the style of time you choose. Since 2012, thousands of The Present timepieces are already on in 42 different countries.

The Present is Your Future.

Electrically engineered to last, we recommend checking in on the batteries for the first time in 2042. Programmed with original code and initialized in Burlington, VT The Present arrives accurately aligned with whatever style of time you choose.

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