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The Present is a perspective-shifting companion to conventional time.

Instead of measuring the scarcity of fleeting moments, The Present grounds you in time’s abundance, helping you clarify what’s most important in life.

Each handcrafted timepiece transports you beyond seconds, minutes, and hours by anchoring your experience of time with the natural rhythms of the day, the moon, and the year. The result is a life-affirming, conversation-starting, new point of view on the nature of time.

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Since 2013, The Present has guided over 5,000 people into a new way of seeing time.

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The Present Year

Move beyond the rush of hours and minutes. This rare interactive art piece mirrors Earth's yearly journey around the sun, completing a cycle every 365.24 days. Experience a broader, more holistic view of time, grounded in nature's seasons.

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The Present Moon

Pace yourself with the meditative rhythm of the lunar cycle. This interactive art piece mirrors our moon's 29.5-day journey around Earth. Experience a broader, more holistic view of time, grounded in the phases of the moon.

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The Present Day

Change the way you see your day. This interactive art piece mirrors Earth's 24-hour rotation. Experience a broader, more holistic view of time, grounded in seeing your entire day at a glance.

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Where is The Present made?

The Present is handcrafted and assembled in Vermont, USA. Every component is custom-made and engineered to last a lifetime. We take pride in creating singular artifacts that awaken meaning, inspire conversation, and stand the test of time.

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11" Diameter

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2.5" Depth

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3.2 lbs

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Tech Specs:

The Present is a limited edition work of art made in Vermont featuring:

First-of=its-kind clock movement programmed with original code

Custom circuit board finished with a fine layer of 99.9% pure gold

Engineered to last until 2043 on the pre-installed batteries

Custom contact-lens-like wide angle glass made in the USA

Years of tests to achieve the highest quality UV cured prints possible by Duggal in NYC

Custom tooling for the fiberglass/resin alloy hands

A machined, engraved, and anodized 4mm thick aluminum back plate

Custom 3D printed wall mount

Discrete magnetic connection points on back plates

Initialized, assembled, and ships from Vermont