Time in Color

Time. Now in color.

Time in Color is the trilogy of timepieces that bring peace to time.

Created by the American artist Scott Thrift, each timepiece liberates our perception of now to encompass a wider lens on the nature of time.

Short-Termism  has been identified as civilization's greatest threat. What is needed is a way to make long term thinking more common. By living with the larger scales of time that Time in Color represents it is Thrift's hope that we can forge a healthier relationship with longevity. 

Time as we know it is time in black and white. Time in black and white was not designed with the human experience in mind. Time in black and white was not designed at all, it emerged from the medieval era and gave birth to the industrial revolution.

Time in black and white is a way of measuring time for machines. Time in Color is a way of measuring time that encompasses the human experience. Advance your participatory awareness of time literacy by reconnecting to the fundamental rhythms of the natural world. 

In time,

Scott Thrift