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Time is on our side, really.

by Scott Thrift November 13, 2019

Time is on our side, really.

Time is on our side, really.

I know, I know, I know that there are scores of reprehensible things happening around the world. I know 11,000 scientists just came together to demand action on climate change. I'm not discrediting the urgency of the exponential problems we face. 

I'm not advocating for putting things off nor am I suggesting that things will work themselves out eventually without effort. What I am saying when I say time is on our side is that we can shift our perception of the past and the future to bring a new layer of richness into the present.

The Past

Has the following ever happened to you? 

When I think back ten years to 2009, I can't help but feel as if the world of possibilities was more wide open somehow. The old adage is to say, "It was a simpler time." and as complicated as things were back then, somehow that statement rings true. Now I have your garden variety regrets from 2009, should have grabbed some bitcoin, should have started that youtube channel but when I look into the past I focus on that sense of limitless potential that hangs in the air of my memory of one decade ago.  

Warning: Looking into the past can be dangerous.

It's true that you can crash your car if you drive with your eyes on the rear view so let's thank the past for reminding us of the potentialities we grabbed or passed up and set our sights on the future. 

The Future

Ten years from now no one knows what an average day will be like. However, it probably won't be too different besides being significantly hotter. We will still have disagreements, places to eat and an occasional, if not wistful desire to transport ourselves ten years back in time to take advantage of all the opportunity.  There it is, that is what I'm getting at here when I consider the statement, "Time is on our side." 

Trading time

Trade your present moment right now to fast forward in your mind to November 2029. While you're there looking through your new of pair solar powered computer glasses take a moment out of your day and think back to 2019.   Try to connect with the same sense of possibility you were able to attribute to 2009. While you're still in 2029 let yourself wish hard enough to bring you back to 2019 and watch it happen!

Time is on our side.

Time is on our side because we can use the past and the future to inspire a new layer of wisdom on the present. The limitless possibility you will feel in 2029, about 2019 is here now, surrounding you at this moment. With the right point of view, time can be that inspiring friend you can visit as often as you like.

Time is only an enemy when we limit ourselves to one way seeing it.

Scott Thrift
Scott Thrift

I love making digital and analog works of art that shift perspective. I'm currently focused on a deeply personal longterm effort to introduce more natural, human-centered visions of time.

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