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How to be present with ThePresent: Year One / Contrast

by Scott Thrift December 21, 2019

How to be present with ThePresent: Year One / Contrast

How to be present with ThePresent: Contrast

A series on what to expect from living with ThePresent, year after year.

This article stems completely from my own consideration of the inherent value of living with a 365-day timepiece. For the past eight years I've patiently listened to my own experience and the experience of people around the world who are living with ThePresent. What follows is both my interpretation of and a guide to our collective journey.

Each year that passes, ThePresent reveals a new level of awareness and understanding around time.  Throughout your first year, ThePresent invites you to consider the nature of contrast.



/ ˈkänˌtrast/
  1. the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association.

There is a good chance that you've spent your life looking at time through the lens of something that more or less looks like this.

Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, a black and white binary symbol that you've measured life with since before you can remember.

It's okay! Don't panic, you had no choice in the matter. It's simply what everyone told you was time and you agreed.

You of course are aware that there are variables of time perception yet the method in which we measure time has not changed in generations. 

Seeing time from only one point of view your entire life is a bit like believing ice cream comes in only one flavor, let's say vanilla.

Living with ThePresent in that first year, is a bit like discovering that chocolate *exists* for the first time.

This is not a post about which flavor of time, or ice cream is better than the other.

What I hope to bring to light here is the idea that living with ThePresent offers you something that you have never experienced, a point of contrast with how you see time itself.

Imagine living your entire life eating vanilla ice cream and all of the sudden you now know that  chocolate exists!   Vanilla is related to chocolate, they are both ice cream after all yet chocolate is a completely different lived experience.

And so it goes with a 365-day timepiece, pictured here on the December 21st Solstice.


After a lifetime of seeing time through the industrial era lens of black and white, living with a 365-day timepiece helps you understand that ThePresent *exists*. It is all at once a perfect contrast of color, of pace and depth.

The contrast between an industrial era clock and the exponential era timepiece ThePresent, functions as an inexhaustibly interesting philosophical conversation piece.

Life has always happened between these polar opposites of time, it's just that now there is a way to make sense of the less mechanistic, more poetic end of the spectrum.

Living with ThePresent does not diminish your experience of industrial era time.

On the contrary, in the same way the contrast of chocolate helps you appreciate both flavors, the insights into contrast throughout the first year of living with ThePresent bring about a holistic new appreciation for both points of view on time.

Next time, we will take a look at what happens in year two: PACE

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Scott Thrift
Scott Thrift

I love making digital and analog works of art that shift perspective. I'm currently focused on a deeply personal longterm effort to introduce more natural, human-centered visions of time.

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