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11 Things you should know about being present.

11 Things you should know about being present.


I've been living with ThePresent, a timepiece that completes one revolution a year, since the autumn of 2011.

ThePresent continues to expand my notion of what it means to "live in the moment" and it is my pleasure to share a handful of those insights now.


ONE: The present is reality's default setting. 

TWO: From the platform of the present you can watch a train of thought to the future or see a train of thought to the past, yet in both scenarios your feet are remain on the platform of the present.

THREE: The present is what you are paying attention to presently. 

FOUR: Watching a film or being on your phone does not preclude you from being present; the confusion in this respect comes from whether or not you are using it consciously or unconsciously. 

FIVE: It's normal to feel empty after being unconscious of the present. Not unlike the empty calories of sugar, unconscious scrolling, living or watching without being aware of why, may cause a diabetes of the spirit.

SIX: Being conscious of the present is not a chore, it only seems difficult because it is so easy to do.

SEVEN: We often cannot accept a reward without the process of pain or struggle; the present is more fundamental than the hierarchy of earned goals. 

EIGHT: Being present is simply the awareness of awareness. 

NINE: Being aware of being aware connects you immediately to the bigger picture that consciousness is the gift you get and give simultaneously. 

TEN: It is tempting to activate our imaginations to move a train of thought into the future or to agonize over trains of thought to the past because they occasionally provide insights that enrich the present.

However, these insights are useless if you ultimately trade the gift of the present only for more train-spotting.

ELEVEN: While the present may be most easily accessible through stillness, you can be present while you exit the platform and enter the city of experience. 


Let me know if you find any one of these eleven insights helpful in your pursuit of understanding what being present means to you.

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